The University Ombuds is here to:

  • Listen and understand issues while remaining neutral and avoiding taking sides
  • Help develop options for resolution
  • Reframe issues and help individuals develop and evaluate options
  • Help identify the interests of various parties to the issues and helps focus efforts on potential options to meet those interests
  • Guide or coach individuals on how deal directly with other parties
  • Help improve their resolution skills and confidence in giving voice to their concerns directly
  • Refer individuals to appropriate resolution resources, including formal resources that can potentially resolve the issue as apppropriate
  • Assist in surfacing issues when an individual is unable or unwilling to surface a concern directly
  • Give voice to concerns and create awareness of issues among appropriate decision-makers (when given permission to do so)
  • Facilitate informal resolution between parties through various types of informal mediation or resolution
  • Identify new issues and opportunities for systemic change within the University
  • Share insights, anomalies, and systemic issues in an anonymous way to help identify opportunities for improvements and positive change